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Customer Testimonials

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“Matt is an excellent driving instructor. He is very patient and made me feel extremely comfortable, he always respected my pace and was able to work around my timing, he always managed to fit in the lessons that i needed considering I had a full time job. He made me feel extremely confident whilst in the car, throughout every lesson we were able to fit in so much, and we went over things multiple times that I struggled with until I was able to complete it perfectly!

Matt believed in me from day 1, not only is he an amazing teacher, he has such a positive mindset towards my driving which I really think contributed to me being able to pass first time!!!! It meant a lot to me getting a licence, so I was so thankful that he was able to allow me to achieve such a big goal I had for a very very long time. I will miss Matt loads!! I really recommend :)”

–  Review by Jessica
“Matt is a great instructor! I completed 40 hours of driving with him and passed my test first attempt. From day one Matt has made me feel comfortable and most of all confident in the car. Through being so calm and patient has helped me to progress at my own pace and when I haven’t understood something he is happy to slow down and take me through it in more detail and give me a better understanding of what I am doing and also make me feel more relaxed about it. What I believe makes Matt stand out from any other driving instructor is the fact that he doesn’t only prepare you for the test he also prepares for your future in driving. He believes that if you follow the way he teaches you to drive, you can prevent being involved in collisions! He does this by putting safety first and being aware of your surroundings which is very important and could possibly save lives!! As well as being a great driving instructor, Matt is a great guy with a great sense of humour and many story’s to tell. This was important for me as I knew I was going to be with him for at least 40 hours of my time.”
–  Review by Henry

“Matt was very helpful and patient with me and always believed in me and gave me the confidence I was lacking. Matt has been very supportive and I was shocked |when I passed with 0 faults !!! I would recommend Matt to anyone who is learning to drive or needs further training.”

–  Review by Bebe

“Matt made me feel comfortable from the get go. He ensured that I had the knowledge to not only pass my test first time but to also be able to be a safe driver after passing.

Matt would go through topics as much as I needed and made sure I was confident in them. Matt’s sense of humour and jokes during the lessons made them enjoyable and put me at ease.
I would recommend Matt to anyone that is looking to learn to drive. Nothing is too much for him and his sayings and tips helped me to remember and understand everything.”

–  Review by Holly

“Matt was a very good driving instructor. He made me feel comfortable and confident on the road which helped increased my independence. His introduction to driving was superb, slow so I could get to grips with it and then would add more as we went a long to make it manageable. We were able to fit a lot into a lesson and different scenarios – like going on the motorway, which is a key element to driving. He was excellent at focusing on my points to improve which helped my progression. If there was any confusion during the lesson he would take the time to focus on explaining it – often using his reliable diagrams, booklets and drawings.

In addition, Matt would break down every manoeuvre so that is was easy to understand. He would make me speak every point of the manuover out loud to ensure it was correct and cemented in my head. Matt’s personality made lessons enjoyable and I always looked forward to them which I believe is important characteristic to a driving instructor.”

–  Review by Jenny